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BrewRiver is continuing its 12 year tradition of chef driven/scratch kitchen food crafted by Chef Michael Shields in a casual atmosphere. Some of our guests' favorites include: The Streetcar Burger, The Chicken Sam'ich, Giant Pretzels and house-made beer cheese, Smoked Gouda and Pimento Cheese Ball, Hummus and Naan, Wings, Pork Schnitzel, Super food salad (formerly known as The Fields Ertel Salad), our dark chocolate gluten free brownie  and much more.  


The BrewRiver philosophy is based on a fully scratch kitchen, pulling from local ingredients and using local artisan purveyors. We believe that stocks, sauces, dressings and soups should all be made from scratch, BrewRiver even cold ferments our own kimchi for our signature kimchi tartar sauce, elevating the flavors of the humble burger. BrewRiver prepares all food at the time it is ordered. We think it is important for food quality and taste and we think our guests are worth it!

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